Registration of companies in Bangladesh

  • Registration of new companies in Bangladesh, sale of ready-made companies, annual maintenance, accounting

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Key Benefits of Registering a Company in Bangladesh

to 35%

Income tax


Tax preferences for individual industries


VAT (standard rate)


Capital gains tax, royalty tax, interest income tax


The requirement to pay the authorized capital


Foreign director and shareholder without restrictions




Country Outsourcing Workforce


Duty free trade with a number of countries

The cost of registering a company in Bangladesh

Company registration

from 3900


Checking the company name in the registry

Preparation of the Charter of the company

Payment state duties and business registration

Legal address in the prestigious business center of Bangladesh for 1 year

Secretarial service for 1 year

NNC1, BRC, COI, M & A, Appointment / Resolution

The first year of company support

Register of controlling persons and designated representative

Bangladesh Corporate Consulting

Legalization of documents

from 750


Production of original documents

Certification of documents by an official body

Apostilling documents

  • Duty-free access to certain categories of goods from Bangladesh to the EU, USA, Japan, Australia, free trade agreements with Pakistan.
  • Large consumer market - more than 161 million people in a small area.
  • The second language is English, which makes it relatively painless to enter this market.
  • Abundant reserves of natural gas, water and fertile lands are the country's great wealth.
  • Low labor costs for the production of goods with high qualifications. Every year, over 15,000 new graduates from Bangladesh end up in leading IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google, with an average age of just 28.0 years in Bangladesh in 2018.
  • The rapid economic development of Bangladesh.
  • Strategic location - Located next to other major markets in the region, as it is located on the border of South and Southeast Asia, such as China. Due to its location on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, it offers good conditions for doing business in the markets of Asia and the Middle East.
  • A country for outsourcing labor. 

Basic Information on Doing Business in Bangladesh

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