Registration of a company in Argentina

Creation of legal entities in Argentina, as well as the establishment of branches and representative offices

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Taxes for companies registered in Argentina


Argentina Company Income Tax


VAT in Argentina

0,5% - 5%

Municipal Sales Tax


Tax on crediting or debiting from a bank account


Dividend tax at source (residents and non-residents)


Payment branch to head office


Royalty tax at source

23,5 - 26,7%

Social insurance fund (the company transfers from a salary employee)


Wealth Tax

0 €

Minimum Authorized Capital


Foreign director

Taxes for individuals resident in Argentina

от 5 до 35%

Personal income tax (paid by the employer from the salary of the employee)


Social insurance fund, pension fund (the company deducts from the salary of the employee more than AR $ 86,596.1)


Personal asset ownership tax abroad

Registration of a company in Argentina

The cost of registration and maintenace of legal entities in Argentina

Registration of a company in Argentina

from 1900 €


Preparation and submission of documents

State duties

Legal address for the year

Tax Registration (Clave de Identificación (CDI)

Bank account



Choosing the right bank

Preparation of a package of documents for the bank

Communication with the bank

Bank escort in Argentina

Help in activating an online bank


from150 €


Balance sheet



Регистрация компании в Австрии

Reasons to register a company in Argentina:

Argentina has great potential and is full of investment opportunities due to a number of factors, including:

1. Qualified pool of local staff:

Argentina is an attractive destination for foreign investment due to the large number of skilled workers, and many are fluent in English.

2. Member of MERCOSUR:

 A South American trade and economic block with a common commercial and investment space  has many advantages in relation to duty-free trade between members such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay. Uruguay, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador)

3. Foreign direct investment policy:

Argentine law does not limit foreign investment, but rather encourages it. Foreign investors enjoy the same legal regimes as domestic companies and individuals.

4. Potential for economic growth:

Argentina has a large and diverse natural resource base with high growth potential.

Basic Information on Establishing and Doing Business in Argentina

Types of legal entities in Argentina, requirements for registration of companies in Argentina and taxation

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