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Montenegro is the small European country notable for its touristic sector. It is a republic without its own currency. It uses euro, but it is still not the member of the EU. Law system is Romano-Germanic (continental) system (which is more familiar to Russian lawyers). The county is not in 'black' lists of FATF and has anti-money laundering legislation.

Speaking about tax planning, it is not a country that has been widely used in tax schemes. But the thing is that the advantages of more "profitable" jurisdictions (such as Cyprus) are recently overweight by the risk of attracting close attention of Russian tax authorities. And not only Russian. As far as Europe fights for fair taxation, such jurisdictions as BVI or Cyprus are under severe pressure. Montenegro with its comparatively low rates might be a good alternative. Let's see what can be gained by settling the company in Montenegro.

Company formation in Montenegro

The prices are without VAT (19%) and are intended for professional intermediaries only.


950 €


The total price will depend on the number of shareholders of the company and the nationality of the director



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Residence and work permit for a director (in the case a director is non-resident of Montenegro), one-off

3000 € 

Legal address (per month)


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Montenegrin companies in details

Why a Montenegro company might be useful for Russian entrepreneurs

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